Australian Dairy Farmers

President's Welcome 

I am pleased to welcome Dr Clive Noble as Australian Dairy Farmers’ (ADF) Acting CEO over the next few months. Clive has long served Australian agriculture with a background in science and research at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria. Clive has also held numerous Board positions as Chairman and Director, as well as being an active member of the Dairy Moving Forward Steering Committee. While Clive will be acting in this role for a short period until we fill the permanent position, the ADF Team is very much looking forward to working under Clive’s leadership.

On the policy front, the Government’s push for stronger Country-of-Origin Labelling (CoOL) laws continues to heat up the dairy industry advocacy space. ADF recognises that changes to the labelling regulations are likely to happen. The question is whether these new laws will be beneficial for customers, consumers and producers alike. “Australian made” is something we, as Aussie dairy producers, hold close to our heart. But we need to consider the ramifications of any new laws which have the potential to render the vast majority of our Australian produced, manufactured and packaged dairy products, “un-Australian”. For more information about why CoOL is important to get right for dairy, click here.

On 22 April, the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) will recognise the innovative young minds that contribute to our dynamic, growing industry at a breakfast partnered with Prime Super in Melbourne – “Our Industry, Our Future: Generation Dairy”. Supporting the development of our up and coming dairy enthusiasts is a key priority for the ADIC and by focusing on young people’s contribution to the Australian Dairy Vision, we hope to inspire the next generation of young dairy farmers, processors, service providers and industry representatives. Fifth-generation, south-east Queensland dairy farmer, Paul Roderick will be the guest speaker at the breakfast, alongside a panel of talented young dairy representatives.

Over the last few weeks, I have been privileged to speak at industry events, including Farm World, the 2015 Tasmanian Dairy Conference and the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources’ Dairy Industry Forum, advocating for our industry’s best practices and future-focused agenda. It is important to remind ourselves that we can all be dairy advocates. Whether this includes promoting our sound animal husbandry practices, high milk quality assurance standards or our world leading research and development, at a family BBQ or local footy game – we can all play a part in positively promoting our industry. 

Noel Campbell


ADF Annual Review