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Australian dairy products bound for Asia are fast becoming one of this country’s export success stories. This primarily comes down to the greater Asian and Middle Eastern region’s middle class wanting more and more protein and higher quality food, matched with Australian dairy’s unparalleled high quality, clean, green and safe products.

Australia is looking to conclude a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China by the end of this year, and a successful outcome building on what New Zealand achieved with China several years ago stands as ADF’s number one trade priority.

Australia’s dairy exports to South-East Asia were worth $810 million in 2013, which now equates to nearly 30 per cent of our total dairy exports. China imports the equivalent of 10 billion litres of milk a year - more than Australia’s total national production, which currently sits at 9.2 billion litres. We seek a FTA with China that will meet the shortfall in China’s domestic dairy supply and demand, and mutually help to grow their industry and ours.

As part of ADF’s ongoing policy advocacy for a ‘New Zealand Plus’ China FTA outcome, we feel it is important for our industry to explain to the broader community Australian dairy’s potential for growth and prosperity through a positive China FTA.

The Australian community is an important stakeholder as we seek to bolster economic growth, jobs, industry investment, and put over $30 million in tariffs per year back into the pockets of our dairy farmers.

I am excited to announce the launch of ADF’s #FTA4dairy social media campaign which will compliment ADF’s one of many policy advocacy initiatives to help secure a China FTA dairy deal. I encourage you to visit and show your #FTA4dairy support on Monday 1 September.

Together, we can make the China-Australia FTA the dairy deal our industry and Chinese consumers deserve.

Noel Campbell


ADF Annual Review