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Daryl Hoey

Daryl Hoey is a fourth-generation dairy farmer from Katunga, northern Victoria. Running the full-time family operation, the Hoey’s farm milks 300 cows on 140 hectares of land.

Daryl is a representative of the Australian Dairy Farmers’ (ADF) National Council and Chair of the Murray-Darling Basin Task Force. Since 2006, Daryl has also been policy Councillor for the United Dairfarmers of Victoria (UDV) District Council Three.

As an active member of ADF’s Natural Resources Policy Advisory Group (PAG), Daryl is passionate about securing a sustainable environment which is critical for the industry’s viability and community recognition. Daryl is also a member of the Farming Systems and Herd Improvement PAG, and has a keen interest in genetics and understanding farming systems.

Daryl is a Director of the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme and a former long-serving Director on the Murray Dairy Board.

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