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Animal health and welfare

The animal health and welfare policy advisory group (PAG) aims to maintain and improve Australia’s animal health and welfare system, as well as the industry’s emergency response capability, through cooperative programs aligned with other industries and governments.

ADF cares deeply about the health and wellbeing of their animals, and this PAG works hard to ensure that this is recognised by government, regulators, retailers, animal groups and, most importantly, consumers. The Animal Health and Welfare PAG provides guidance on current issues and regulations.


  • Emergency animal disease response preparedness
  • Animal health system capability
  • Disease programs and management
  • Animal welfare standards and guidelines
  • Quarantine and biosecurity oversight
  • Viable food safety and quality assurance systems
  • Promoting responsible practices and industry integrity


  • National implementation of the ‘Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Cattle’ through State and Territory regulation.
  • Ensure the ‘Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines: Livestock at Saleyard and Depot’ are reflected throughout industry-based quality assurance programs.
  • Biosecurity covers from on-farm to our national borders. ADF encourages farmers to invest in their on-farm biosecurity.
  • Improve the Australian dairy industry’s social license to operate.

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