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An initiative of Australian Dairy Farmers, Dairy Australia and National Herd Improvement Association, DataGene was formed to further improve accuracy of Australian breeding values and expand opportunities by creating new data sources to improve productivity.

DataGene brings these opportunities together, providing efficiency to achieve far more than The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme could do as a standalone organisation.

DataGene focuses on initiatives that drive new science and focus on the future of the national dairy herd. The creation of DataGene and the support for the development of a central database system is an example of industry recognising ‘data’ as an essential form of productivity growth and a major strategic priority.

Improved use of on-farm data will not only benefit genetic gain but will also enable the industry to understand trends, perform bench-marking, prioritise research and herd development needs including future opportunities.

For more information about the DataGene (former ADHIS), click here.

The DataGene (Former ADHIS) 2015-16 highlights include  

  • Launched the Good Bulls App to allow dairy farmers to easily identify bulls that match their breeding priorities.
  • Contributed to the 2016 Feeding the Genes study conducted by Dr. John Morton.
  • Fertility improvements mean that faster genetic gain for herd fertility can be achieved by selecting high BPI/HWI sires for the Good Bull App/Guide.
  • Continuing to support farmers to make breeding decisions easier by presenting to over 2,600 people and publishing over 420 media articles.
  • Establishing DataGene, to bring the ADHIS and MISTRO software under a single, industry owned organisation.
  • Redevelop the genetic evaluation software used by ADHIS to caluculate breedig values and indices.

Read more in the ADF Annual Review 2015-16.



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