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Biosecurity: Safeguard our livelihood

  • Invest in preparedness for Foot and Mouth Disease and emergency disease response capability and surveillance.

A robust biosecurity regime is fundamental if Australia is to enjoy the benefits of a dairy industry that is safe, productive and competitive in the international market. For the dairy industry, preparedness for foot and mouth disease (FMD) is a priority.

FMD is considered the single greatest threat of any disease to Australia’s livestock industries. A large outbreak of FMD has the potential to reduce Australia’s gross domestic product by up to $16.7 billion, having significant repercussions on our economy.

We seek specific funding for FMD preparedness. The commitment of $20 million to a biosecurity “flying squad”, as well as biosecurity and quarantine containment is welcomed and endorsed. This requires ongoing funding to provide the capability to respond to emergency diseases to safeguard the dairy industry and Australia’s reputation as a safe, clean food producer.

Over 2014-15, Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) has actively participated in the Exercise Odysseus, a national livestock standstill program testing Australia’s ability to stop the movement of all susceptible livestock in the event of a major animal emergency disease. ADF has also significantly engaged in FMD planning and preparation.

Animal Health Australia: Exercise Odysseus – a national livestock standstill to stop FMD in its tracks

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