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Dairy Australia (DA) is the national services body for the Australian dairy industry, assisting farmers to adapt to changing operating environments, and achieve a profitable and sustainable dairy industry. Acting as the ‘investment arm’ of the industry, DA invests in projects that can’t be done efficiently by individual farmers and companies.

DA is funded by a combination of levy, government and leveraged funds, to invest across the supply chain and facilitate profitable partnerships in the farming, processing and exporting sectors. Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) works closely with DA to provide our organisation with specialist research, information and support.

DA’s Legendairy platform aims to promote the industry as a whole, with an emphasis on telling the inspirational stories of the people behind the product; and celebrating Australia’s Legendairy dairy farmers, the quality dairy foods they produce and their contribution to the Australian economy.

DA’s 2015-16 highlights include  

  • June, 2016 marked the end of Dairy Futures CRC seven year term. The legacies of the CRC includes: genomic technology of dairy cattle breeding in Australia, reliable fertility traits, new breeding values for feed efficiency, new approach to pasture breeding that delivers improved varieties more quickly, hybrid breeding methods for ryegrass, and varieties of ryegrass that deliver an extra 1megajoule of metabolisable energy to a grazing animal.
  • Reaffirmed our committment to continued dairy bioscience through a joint venture with the Victoria State Government to establish DairyBio and allow us to maintain critical R&D capabilityt to deliver further innovation and productivity gains.
  • On the recomentation of the Herd Improvement Industry Strategic Steering Group, DataGene was established in 2016. This collaborative group will bring together the pre-competitive herd improvement functions of the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement scheme, the MISTRO herd testing software and a central database into an industry owned, single organisation.
  • Remained committed to achieveing ongoing improvement to ensure a sustainable future for the next generation, the Sustainability Framework is evidence of that committment.
  • Genetic improvement of animals and feebase will remain our R&D priority.
  • Expanded our people development services for farmers to include farm businesses and HR management programs.
  • Concentrate on our social license to operate  by maintaining a positive consumer sentiment towards the industry.

Read more in the ADF Annual Review 2015-16.

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