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Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) is the national advocacy body representing dairy farmers across the six dairying states. Our mission is to improve the profitability and sustainability of dairy farmers in Australia.

ADF was originally formed as the Australian Dairy Farmers Federation (ADFF) in 1942 by Victorian dairy farmer George Capstick Howey, as an unincorporated association to represent the national interests of dairy farmers. In 1993, ADFF was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and the organisation’s name was changed to Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd.

Over 70 years on from our formation, ADF is advocating more policies, in more areas than ever before. Lobbying for the rights of dairy farmers on many fronts, including trade, water, carbon, milk price and animal health and welfare issues, ADF has developed a strong collective voice to Government, industry and the community on national issues affecting dairy farmers and their profitability.

ADF’s constitution is comprised of a Board, National Council, six State Dairy Farmer Organisation (SDFO) members and five Policy Advisory Groups (PAGs).

Alongside the dairy processor representative body, the Australian Dairy Products Federation (ADPF), both organisations form the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC). This partnership is unique to Australian agriculture in that it takes a unified, whole of industry approach to policy and advocacy.

The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS) works as a subsidiary of ADF, developing programs that drive new science and focus on the future of the national dairy herd. Formed in 1982 as an ADF initiative, the ADHIS specialise in improving Australian Breeding Values through genomics and delivering programs, such as the recently launched National Breeding Objective.

ADF strategic goals

  • Drive sustainable farm profitability;
  • Secure market access and maximise value chain returns;
  • Develop people and build human capacity;
  • Provide effective communication and engagement; and
  • Deliver member value and organisational capacity.

Strategic Plan 

ADF policy priorities

The ADF Policy Priority Platform is designed to ensure our national dairy farmers’ interests remain a priority on Federal and State agendas. It aims to inform Australia’s political parties and community about the key issues dairy farmers across Australia believes require government policy settings to further drive industry growth.

ADF Policy Priorities to Government: Overview

ADF Policy Priorities to Government: Report

ADF Constitution
Our achievements

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