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Policies and Projects

Policies and Projects

At Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) advocacy and policy is our core business. Lobbying for the rights of dairy farmers on many fronts, including trade, water, carbon, milk price, and animal health and welfare issues, ADF develops, implements and reviews policies and projects to improve the profitability and sustainability of dairy farming in Australia.

Under the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) banner, our policies represent the mutual interests of both dairy farmers and dairy processors. It is therefore imperative that a policy is consistent with existing ADF policy settings, before it can be endorsed by the whole value chain as an ADIC policy.

The majority of our policy and advocacy work is carried out under five policy areas: markets, trade and value chain; farming systems and herd improvement; people and human capacity; natural resources; and animal health and welfare. Whilst some of ADF and the ADIC’s policies are three-pronged in approach – lobbying Government, industry and the community – others are specifically tailored for one target audience.

On the other hand, many of the broader projects we work on encompass the whole value chain and, as such, are often targeted towards the broader dairy community under the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) brand. These projects often align with several of ADF’s and the ADIC’s policy areas, and are therefore listed separately from our specific policy settings.

To find out more information about ADF’s and the ADIC’s policies and projects, see our five policy focus areas. You may also like to explore:

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