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Domestic Labour

  • Support Dairy Australia with the planning, implementation and delivery of key industry programs and initiatives, including Stepping Stones, the Employment Made Easy (EME) website and the Employment Starter Kit initiative (ESKi).
  • Support whole of industry efforts to promote dairy as an attractive career.
  • Better connect Australian dairy employers with skilled Australian employees and ensure skilled Australian workers are the first choice.

Australia's dairy farmers are highly-skilled professionals who are proud and passionate about their industry. Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) is committed to promoting the wide variety of fulfilling careers and training opportunities Australian dairy has to offer through a series of Dairy Australia's programs.

The Employment Starter Kit initiative (ESKi) funded by Dairy Australia and developed in conjunction with Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF), is a tool designed to encourage farmers to access and adopt improved employment practice from Dairy Australia's "The People in Dairy" website. Initially prompted by the suggestion of Developing Dairy Leaders Program (DDLP) participant, Nigel Brock and channelled through ADF's People and Human Capacity Policy Advisory Group, the ESKi was launched in September 2013 ahead of a national rollout in early 2014. With now over 800 ESKis distributed, the initiative has been embraced by farmers and provided a good connection to processor field officers who have been promoting the ESKi to their suppliers and supporting this distribution.

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