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Farming Systems and Herd Improvement

Research, development and extension (R,D&E) strategy, and the delivery and adoption of innovation opportunities such as biotechnology (genetic modification), farm decision-making tools, farm business management and herd improvement, all play an important role in securing the long-term sustainability and profitability of dairy farming. These strategies and opportunities can better equip farmers for a prosperous future.

Our policy priorities in the Farming Systems and Herd Improvement focus area aim to address:

  • The value of government and industry investment in R,D&E is realised through the increased adoption of R,D&E practices, but there are current challenges in the funding, commitment and models for extension delivery.
  • Implementation of the whole-of-industry strategy is required to drive change to the herd improvement industry. This will maximise profitability for dairy farmers through a vibrant herd improvement industry offering effective and highly valued services.
  • Dairy farmers need to have choice in their production methods, including genetic modification opportunities, to utilise systems which best suit their needs, farm land and farming systems.
  • While there are many factors that are out of dairy farmers’ control, they need to be equipped with risk management processes, business management techniques and farm efficiency options to help manage the influences they can control.
  • An improved regulatory regime for agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals is required to reduce red tape associated with their use and ensure they are readily available to dairy farmers at an affordable cost.

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