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Herd Improvement

  • Drive a whole of industry strategy and blueprint to drive significant change to the herd improvement industry and maximise profitability for dairy farmers.
  • Support the herd improvement industry to implement a collaborative and constructive approach to adopting new technology and practical innovations through the Herd Improvement Strategy.

Representatives of the herd improvement industry, including ADF and the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS), make up the Herd Improvement Strategic Steering Group (HISSG). The HISSG group led the development of the industry strategy in 2014 and is now dedicated to implementing the whole of industry strategy, with a vision for 2020 focusing on maximising profitability for dairy farmers.

The 2020 vision: “Dairy farmers maximise their profit through a vibrant herd improvement industry offering effective and highly valued services”, will be achieved through utilising an Australian genetic evaluation system, providing farmer and service provider education, conducting overseas animal evaluations and comparisons, as well as endorsing a constructive approach to adopting new technology and practical innovations.

The Herd Improvement Strategy has been developed from work in five areas: herd testing; genetic evaluation and research; marketing and extension; genomic technology; and breed societies.

As the strategy moves into implementation, ADF’s Farming Systems and Herd Improvement Policy Advisory Group (PAG) and ADF will continue to have input to champion a Herd Improvement Industry, and improvements to it that are in farmers’ interests.

  • Herd Improvement Strategy
  • Herd improvement strategy fact sheet

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