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How we advocate policy

Similar to the policy development process, policy advocacy does not take a “cookie-cutter” approach and most often requires a unique implementation plan for each policy.

There are three broad target audiences for our policy and advocacy: government, industry and the community. Whilst some policies are developed for industry advocacy only, others may also target government and the broader dairy community.

Regardless of which target audience we are addressing, we feel it is important to remember that our advocacy always considers the overarching impact it may have on our industry’s triple bottom line – the social, environmental and financial factors influenced by our decision-making.

Illustrated below are examples of the types of institutions, organisations and people we target to help make a positive change to the industry.

How We Advocate Policies

How We Advocate Policies

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  • Federal and State Government
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Services
  • Department of Environment and Energy
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
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  • State Dairy Farmer Organisation Members
  • Regional Development Programs
  • Industry partners and representatives
  • Industry international counterparts
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  • Community
  • Media
  • Activists

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