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Industry organisational structure

Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) is part of a broader network of regional and national organisations that support the Australian dairy industry. It is essential that these organisations work together to help achieve the Australian Dairy Vision: to be “prosperous”, “trusted” and “world renowned” for our nutrition.

In addition to providing national policy and advocacy support for our six state member organisations, ADF is committed to working closely with state and national representative bodies to collectively deliver on this goal.

One of the main national bodies ADF has a close working relationship with is Dairy Australia, as a key service provider to the industry, which offers support through specialist research and information. Our working relationship has been metaphorically described to be where: “Dairy Australia creates the bullet, and ADF fires it”. As the national advocacy body we are responsible for delivering dairy farmers’ messages to the doorstep of the Federal Government, industry and community.

The DataGene (formally ADHIS) is another national body that ADF works closely with. Formed in 1982 as an ADF initiative, DataGene works on improving Australian Breeding Values through genomics and delivering programs, such as the recently launched National Breeding Objective.

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