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  • Create a fund for strategic infrastructure projects beneficial to agriculture and regional communities.
  • Improve transport regulation to provide a consistent and efficient framework for dairy’s movement of product.

The dairy industry has strong potential for growth as we open up to new markets. Investing in road, rail, port, water and energy infrastructure will facilitate our industry’s growth and simultaneously offer benefits to the rural and regional communities we support.

For the dairy industry, improved bridges, roads, port infrastructure, water and secure energy supply are of particular importance to improve transport and production efficiencies, as well as to provide an incentive for people to live and work in regional communities.

There is considerable scope for improvements to the regulatory framework. For example, transport movements in Victoria alone could be reduced by up to 40 per cent if mass limits on vehicles were to increase from 68.5 to 74.5 tonnes. Improved consistency across states for regulations such as vehicle specifications, load limits and travel times could also provide significant efficiencies.


  • Cost of doing business: Dairy product manufacturing
  • Dairy Industry Response to the Agricultural Competitiveness Green Paper

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