ADF meets with government in review of ‘backpacker tax’

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 - Category: In the News


After extensive lobbying against the proposed ‘backpacker tax’ and significant concern as to its effect on Australian agriculture, the Federal Government has undertaken a review of the measure in consultation with affected stakeholders, including ADF.


ADF representatives joined industry partners including the National Farmers’ Federation at a consultation meeting in Sydney on 21 March.

ADF President, Simone Jolliffe said the meeting acknowledged deep concerns across the agriculture sector surrounding the impact of the tax on rural and regional Australia.

“By undertaking this review of the tax the government has recognised our concerns that the backpacker tax could have an adverse effect on our industry’s access to a secure and reliable alternative workforce,” Mrs Jolliffe said.

“We believe it is reasonable for backpackers to pay some tax, but the government’s 32.5c tax is too high and will deter backpackers from travelling to Australia. We look forward to ongoing consultation with government to find a solution that ensures dairy farmers can operate productive and profitable businesses.”

For further information on the proposed backpacker tax see here.




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