ADHIS Update: Topping the Genetics Charts

Posted on Sunday, June 14, 2015 - Category: In the News

Australia’s top dairy herds based on genetic merit have been announced by the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS).

For Holsteins, George Wagner’s herd from North East Tasmania tops the country for genetic merit for profit, which is measured by the Balanced Performance Index (BPI). Daryl and Lani Hoey’s herd from Katunga is the number one ranking Jersey herd for BPI. And Sam Graham’s herd at Numbaa, NSW is the number one ranking red breed herd for BPI.

ADHIS general manager, Daniel Abernethy congratulated the herds on their achievement. “It takes a sustained focus over many years to breed a herd of this calibre,” Daniel said.

This year, for the first time, herds receive three breeding indices – Balanced Performance Index, Health Weighted Index and Type Weighted Index. The three breeding indices were introduced following a review last year which found that while profit is important to all farmers, some place more value on traits such mastitis, longevity, fertility, type and udder conformation.

“Having three breeding indices gives farmers the ability to choose the index that best reflects their individual breeding priorities,” Daniel said. “Every unit gained in each trait is associated with a financial gain. But each index places slightly different emphasis on traits and this changes the rankings of bulls, cows and herds."

A full list of Australia’s top 5% of dairy herds for genetic merit is available at 

For more information or to arrange a presentation to your organisation, please contact ADHIS Extension and Education Manager, Michelle Axford on 0427 573 330 or

George Wagner, tops the country for generic merit for profit. 


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