Are you bushfire prepared?

Posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - Category: In the News

As temperatures rise and grasslands dry, December marks the beginning of Australia’s bushfire season. Bushfires pose significant threats to people, livestock and farming properties, and careful preparation and planning is critical.

Under legislation, landowners and managers have a responsibility for the safety of all people living, working on or visiting their property. Landowners and managers are advised to consider safety, environmental and legal issues, and long-term sustainability with safety as a priority.

To ensure you don’t become overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done in a bushfire crisis, it is important you sit down with someone in your family or your staff and make a list of everything that should be considered and the jobs that need to be done.

To assist in this process, you can download the Dairy Farm Fire Plan which covers some essential plans you should consider now, including:
  • Nominating an emergency coordinator.
  • Having a routine in place for fire risk days (moving stock and limiting or postponing machinery use, switching off electric fences) and making sure everyone on your property is aware of it.
  • Knowing your trigger to leave early on fire risk days and the trigger to leave for family members, employees or contractors. Also planning for contingencies, such as children at school.
  • If you have private fire-fighting equipment, conducting a ‘refresher’ session with family and employees to make sure everyone can use it.
For more information about bushfire preparedness, see Dairy Australia’s ‘Preparing for fire threats’ webpage.


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