Five new Ag Counsellors to help seize opportunity

Posted on Monday, October 12, 2015 - Category: In the News

The announcement of five new Agricultural Counsellors in overseas markets has been welcomed by the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) as a positive step toward addressing non-tariff barriers to trade.

The ADIC has been a strong advocate for increased resources toward overcoming technical barriers to trade in overseas markets and is pleased to see the Coalition Government’s acknowledgement of this issue.

A recent report commissioned by Dairy Australia, suggested that if the aggregated sum of all technical barriers to trade imposed by countries importing Australian product were reduced it could benefit global dairy trade by up to $1.57 billion. This amount includes the opportunity costs resulting from having technical barriers to trade in place as well as the potential gains from their removal.

ADIC Chair, Noel Campbell said the announcement of three new positions in Vietnam, Malaysia and the Middle East, as well as additional postings in Bangkok and China, would help the industry make the most of recent trade agreements as well as open up access to emerging markets.

“The appointment of these Counsellors will assist Australian dairy to promote its high quality, safe product in growth markets across South East Asia, the Middle East and of course China where there is growing interest in our products,” Mr Campbell said.

“It is also a further positive step toward addressing technical barriers to trade in international markets. The extent to which our industry is able to seize opportunities delivered through recently completed and pending trade agreements will depend upon addressing nontariff barriers. These Counsellors will help to improve the flow of Australian dairy products to international markets. It will also ensure that Australian dairy farmers can attain a fair price for their product.”

The ADIC continues to work with all overseas Counsellors, in conjunction with Government to promote Australian dairy overseas and ensure improved access to key export markets.


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