Legendairy Capital search sparks national interest

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - Category: In the News

Dairy Australia Program Manager Suzi O’Dell hoped the search for a national “Legendairy Capital” would get some attention, but she never imagined the amount of interest the initiative has generated.

“We’ve received 104 nominations from communities throughout the country’s eight dairying regions; media interest in the program has been massive and has reached a massive audience,” she said.

The Legendairy Capital program was launched in April this year as an initiative to put rural and remote communities on the map, get people thinking about how dairy has played a part in shaping their community and nominate a project that will benefit them as a group.

“It’s been great to see communities getting behind the concept and sending in some excellent nominations,” Suzi said.

“We don’t hear enough about the community spirit that is such an integral part of Australia’s dairy sector. Celebrating towns that have endured and thrived throughout the years sits at the heart of the program,” she added.

The program will see one successful town from each of Australia’s eight dairy farming regions receive a $2500 grant to invest in a community project. One of those eight towns will then go on to receive the coveted title of Australia’s Legendairy Capital 2015, as well as a further $7500 for their nominated community project.

Nominations will be assessed by independent members of various dairy farmer representative groups and industry bodies in each state, with the grants administered by the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR), on behalf of Dairy Australia.

Australia’s Legendairy Capital 2015 will be announced in September and will become a bi-annual program sitting in the Farmer Communications and Engagement Program in Industry Promotion and Product Innovation.

For more information on the Legendairy Capital project go to www.legendairy.com.au

Comboyne, NSW is one of eight Legendairy Capital finalists for 2015. 


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