PAG meetings kick off for 2015

Posted on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - Category: In the News

Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) Policy Advisory Group (PAG) meetings have kicked off with a bang for 2015 with the Natural Resources, and Markets, Trade and Value Chain PAG meetings taking place last week.

Natural Resources PAG Chair, Daryl Hoey said the group has come back refreshed and enthusiastic about the next 12 months of work.

Key issues discussed included, the PAG priorities for 2015, input to the Dairy Australia Annual Plan, and developing a dairy policy position on coal seam gas development.

“Coal seam gas mining, water policy, and future emissions pricing will be a significant focus of the Natural Resources PAG this year,” Mr Hoey said.

The Markets, Trade and Value Chain PAG discussed trade priorities and competition law policy which are both expected to be a major focus for 2015.

Markets, Trade and Value Chain PAG Chair, Roma Britnell said there were some very good wins last year with the China free trade agreement and recently the introduction of the Prescribed Food and Grocery Code.

“We will continue to work on issues that impact our industry at both an international and domestic level,” Ms Britnell said. 

The PAG Chairs for 2015 are: 

  • Animal Health and Welfare PAG Chair, David Basham 
  • Farming Systems and Herd Improvement PAG Chair, Tyran Jones 
  • Markets, Trade and Value Chain PAG Chair, Roma Britnell 
  • Natural Resources PAG Chair, Daryl Hoey 
  • People and Human Capacity PAG Chair, John Versteden

PAGs play a key role in setting ADF’s advocacy objectives and driving policy formulation. They also help to ensure dairy’s interests are properly represented at a domestic and international level.

ADF President, Noel Campbell welcomed the new PAG members for 2015.

“I congratulate ADF’s PAG members on their appointments and look forward to working closely with them to enhance our policy and advocacy strategic direction,” Mr Campbell said.

ADF has five policy focus areas, each with a dedicated PAG comprised of elected farmers. These groups are led by a farmer appointed Chair, working in collaboration with ADF policy officers and Dairy Australian technical support, to discuss priorities and develop strategic direction for ADF’s policy and advocacy responsibilities.

PAGs recommend policy settings to ADF, via the National Council, and also act in an advisory capacity providing feedback to Dairy Australia, state dairy farmer organisations (SDFOs), and other bodies such as the National Farmers’ Federation and the Australian Dairy Products Federation. 



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