Voting for Levy Poll Process Now Open

Posted on Friday, October 30, 2015 - Category: In the News

Voting to change the levy poll process has now opened and it is time to have YOUR say. As the dairy industry’s peak policy and advocacy group Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) is encouraging all dairy farmers to vote yes on their ballot papers, which were mailed last week to all dairy levy payers.

Voting yes means a Levy Poll would only be held when a change to the levy or its procedures is proposed. In short, no change, no Levy Poll.

After the last poll in 2012, the clear message from dairy farmers was that the efforts and funds dedicated towards the poll process could have been better spent delivering dollar value to dairy farmers. The change makes complete sense, saving at least $750 000 that will be redirected to industry programs.

Dairy farmers have made it clear in regional meetings across Australia that the industry should make the change. Now, we need to ensure that the Federal Government is confident that’s the view of levy payers by voting yes or no.

A yes vote will not remove Dairy Australia from scrutiny. Dairy Australia will still be required to undergo an independent performance review at least every five years, which will then inform an independent committee of industry representatives on whether or not a levy poll is required. If farmers believe a poll is necessary, there is a failsafe mechanism for a group of levy payers representing at least 15 per cent of levy votes to propose a poll.

The Dairy Levy Poll Process ballot can be completed by post, email, fax or online at Voting will remain open until midday (AEDT) Friday 27 November. For details on upcoming information sessions near you see


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