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Natural Resources

The ADF Natural Resources Policy Advisory Group (PAG) encompasses the large natural resource areas of water reform, drought, nutrients (including dairy effluent), soil, land use, sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon pricing, carbon sequestration and climate change.


The ADF Natural Resources PAG aim is to improve the ADF’s policy development capability relating to natural resources and is heavily involved in some of today’s most pressing policy areas which have a major impact on the dairy sector.

The PAG assists the ADF Board by informing on industry research, development and extension, as well as developing policy relevant to the dairy industry and advocating on their behalf.

The current key priority policy areas of focus for the Natural Resources PAG include;

  • Water
    • Murray Darling Basin water reform is a high priority area for the ADF and Australian Dairy Industry Council
    • ADIC Basin Response Taskforce leads the dairy industry action
    • Taskforce is chaired by an ADF Natural Resources PAG member
  • Carbon Tax
    • ADF action calls on the federal government to;
    • Remove electricity from the carbon tax
    • Build fairness into the scheme for dairy farmers
    • Ensure access for dairy farms to support measures
    • Engage with dairy farmers to shape the direction of on-farm RD&E
  • Carbon Farming Initiative
    • ADF seeking support to fund pilot testing of dairy effluent pond methane capture to aid on-farm research and increase participation by dairy farmers in the governments Carbon Farming Initiative
  • Sustainability
    • ADF is a member of the consultation group developing the dairy industry sustainability plan that covers the dairy sector from farmer through to processor
  • Drought
    • ADF is participating in the consultation and development of future drought support mechanisms through the NFF Drought Working Group


To provide:
  • Strong leadership and strategic policy direction on natural resource areas
  • Acknowledgment and acceptance by government of dairy industry policy positions

Natural resources covers:

  • Nutrients
    • Effluent management
    • Fertiliser management
  • Water
    • Murray Darling Basin Authority plan
    • Ground water access
    • Stock and domestic water access
    • Salinity
    • Water quality
  • Land management
    • Native vegetation
    • EPBC Act
    • Caring for our Country
    • Weeds
    • Biodiversity
    • Coal Seam Gas
    • Drought
  • Climate change and climate variability
    • Climate change adaptation
  • Carbon pricing
    • Energy efficiency
    • Refrigerants
    • Fertiliser costs
    • Heavy on-road vehicles
  • Carbon Farming Initiative
    • Greenhouse gas emissions abatement, mitigation and sequestration
    • Dairy pond methane capture
    • Carbon Farming Program Extension and Outreach
  • Life Cycle Analysis
    • Footprint analysis
  • Sustainability
    • Dairy industry sustainability plan 2020

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