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Natural resources

Dairy farmers are caretakers of the environment and the dairy industry is actively engaged in protecting the natural resources upon which it depends. The focus of the natural resources policy advisory group (PAG) is to advocate for environmentally and economically sustainable energy, improve support for drought-stricken farmers, advocate for an Emissions Reduction Fund that will benefit dairy, and provide input to the monitoring of the Murray Darling Basin Plan. The PAG’s work has been strongly supported through technical input of Dairy Australia.


  • Inform industry R,D&E policy and advocacy
  • Nutrient management
  • Climate change
  • Water
  • Tools for response to natural resources


  • Establish the dairy industry as part of the solution for a healthy Australian population and a sustainable environment.
  • Ensure industry maintains the right access to key production resources.
  • Promote a national and regional policy environment that champions the dairy industry through lobbying and advocacy.
  • Ensure the dairy industry is acknowledged as an integral part of the regional communities in which it is located.

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