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Relevant Submissions

  • Basin Wide Environmental Watering System
  • Review of the Water Act 2007
  • Environmental Water Recovery Strategy for the Murray-Darling Basin
  • Water Amendment (Water for the Environment Special Account) Bill 2012
  • Murray Darling Ministerial Council Section 43(A)
  • Commonwealth Environmental Water Trading Arrangements
  • Inquiry into the Government's Direct Action Plan
  • Clean Energy Legislation Amendments
  • Joint Select Committee Inquiry into Australia's clean energy future
  • Energy Green Paper
  • Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper
  • Inquiry into the Government's Direct Action Plan
  • Inquiry into Carbon Tax Pricing Mechanisms
  • Constraints management strategy 2013-2024,
  • AgStewardship Australia Limited application (revocation of A91105 and new authorisation A91382)
  • National Food Plan Green Paper
  • Streamlining Environmental Regulation: 'Green Tape' and One Stop Shops

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