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Agricultural education

Agricultural Education

Education is a major driver of the dairy industry’s ability to attract, develop and retain a highly skilled workforce, which is crucial to dairy’s success. It is understood that agricultural education needs to be appealing and accessible for strong uptake and impact, and Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) is working hard to accomplish this.

One of ADF’s top priorities in this area is to ensure agriculture and related courses are offered at a reduced student contribution rate to address skills shortages in those fields. This will reduce the cost of full time study, providing an incentive for students to study agriculture. It will also reinforce the Government’s commitment to deepening and expanding the skills, capabilities and adaptability of Australia’s agricultural workforce. Support should be capped at $10 million over three years and eligibility should be conditional on graduates commencing work in a related field.

While government support is important in enabling students to study agriculture, the dairy industry has consistently demonstrated great initiative in its own effort towards this goal. The National Centre for Dairy Education (NCDE), which is run by Dairy Australia and Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE (GOTAFE), is a testament to the industry’s emphasis on education and equipping workers with skills to move forward and innovate. ADF was instrumental to the development of the NCDE and has been strongly involved in its operation since then.

ADF works in collaboration with Dairy Australia to drive the Developing Dairy Leadership Program (DDLP), which is managed by the NCDE. The DDLP was created to support the industry’s leadership strategy Dairy Leadership: An Industry Blueprint 2010-2015, which ADF runs in partnership with Dairy Australia, and is now in its sixth year of operation. The DDLP aims to develop the capability and capacity of people in the industry who are interested in becoming more actively involved in representative and leadership roles within dairy and their community.

Policy priorities

  • Agriculture and other agriculture-related courses are offered at a reduced student contribution rate to address skills shortages in those fields.
  • Support Dairy Australia in delivering key dairy education programs, including the Developing Dairy Leadership Program (DDLP) and Cows Create Careers.

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