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Animal health and welfare

Animal Health Welfare

Healthy and well cared for cows are a priority for every dairy farmer. Dairy farmers closely monitor their livestock every day as part of normal farming practices. They also follow practical, humane and effective measures to ensure their herds remain healthy. Farmers are interested in transparency and are committed to continually improving their farming practices. To promote continued welfare improvement and nationally consistent welfare standards, as well as to protect the sustainability of our industry, dairy farmers work with Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) and the Government to ensure this.

Our policy priorities in the Animal Health and Welfare focus area aim to address the following issues:

  • Support the new Australian Animal Welfare Standard and Guidelines for Cattle, which were developed in partnership with animal welfare groups and government, and endorse their uptake on a national scale to ensure that all dairy herds remain healthy and maintain their welfare.
  • Biosecurity covers from on-farm to our national borders. ADF encourages farmers to invest in their on-farm biosecurity.
  • Build the Australian dairy industry‚Äôs social licence to operate through improved relationships with consumers, customers and the broader community.
  • ADF does not support routine calving induction and industry is working to phase it out through improved herd improvement practices, tools and technologies. For more information regarding the phase out of routine calving induction see here.

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