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Social licence to operate

Social licence to operate

Having a social licence to operate involves not only doing what we think is the “right thing” for the environment, animal welfare, and food and nutrition but also ensuring our industry has the confidence and trust of communities on environmental, social and economic issues.

A social licence can be likened to building up a bank of goodwill and trust that can be drawn on from consumers, customers and community when issues inevitably arise. Building this bank requires the industry to be proactive, honest, and willing to change practices. ADF is committed to helping the Australian dairy industry achieve this.

Australian dairy’s ban on tail docking and phase out of calving induction are examples of how our industry is continually aiming to improve its social licence. Through Dairy Australia, we have also developed preventative measures to reduce mastitis and lameness in our herds, through initiatives such as the Countdown application And while we continue to engage in transparent conversations with animal liberalists, including RSPCA, Animals Australia and Voiceless, we’re also encouraging dairy farmers to have open and honest discussions at a local level and to invite people onto their farms.

Policy priorities  

  • Continue to foster mutually-beneficial and transparent relationships with consumers, overseas customers and the community to enhance the industry’s social licence to operate.

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