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Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework

Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework

The Australian dairy industry is proud of its commitment to sustainability — taking an industry-wide, whole of value chain approach. Sustainability and profitability are an essential part of the Australian dairy industry and should be at the core of everything we do.

Our customers and the community are increasingly demanding proof we are doing the right thing by people, animals and our planet. They want to see our credentials and evidence of our progress — and we welcome the opportunity to share this to showcase the work we are doing.

The Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework, led by the Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC) and supported by Dairy Australia, provides an opportunity to demonstrate our credentials.

On our farms and in our factories, we undertake many programs which contribute to enhancing livelihoods, improving the wellbeing of people and animals, and reducing our environmental impact. However, there is still work to do and challenges to overcome. We continue to look for way to improve.


The Framework has been developed in consultation with industry stakeholders, customers and interest groups as we want to be recognised worldwide as a responsible, responsive and prosperous producer of healthy food.


This 2016 Progress Report builds on the first report in 2013 by focusing on the industry’s sustainability activities during 2015/16. It demonstrates our commitment to the Framework, our principles of transparency and accountability, our progress against the goals and targets of the Framework and where we need to continue to do more.

For more information and to download your copy of the 2016 Progress Report, click here.

Policy priorities

  • Endorsed by the Australian dairy industry to take a cohesive, whole of industry approach to sustainability.
  • Identifies 11 economic, social and environmental targets for the industry to benchmark its progress from.
  • Framework Progress Reports provide evidence of the industry’s commitment to delivering outcomes for industry, the community, our animals and the environment.

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