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Australian Dairy Vision

Australian Dairy Vision

The Australian Dairy Vision is a statement by which the industry aims to be known for and proud of into the future.

"Australian Dairy – Prosperous, Trusted, World Renowned Nutrition"

Underpinned by five binding elements, the vision highlights Australian dairy’s aim to be valued, innovative, responsible, preferred and unified by 2025. Each of these equally weighted elements contains a set of key priority areas for collective industry action to help our industry organisations to work together, to grow in confidence and prosper, locally and nationally.

Following a consultative and inclusive process which began with the inaugural Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) National Dairy Farmers’ Summit in March 2014 and continuing with the ADIC Strategic Forum in May, the dairy industry identified and agreed on key components for the vision and areas of focus for the industry’s work.

The vision is as relevant for dairy farmers in Australia as it is for our customers overseas, and will ensure our industry is better equipped to meet the challenges we face and to capitalise on the opportunities for growth.

Project priorities

  • First Australian dairy industry vision to map out the next decade for Australia’s $13 billion dairy farm, manufacturing and export industry.
  • Vision implementation plan to drive collective action and measure progress throughout the Australian dairy value chain.
  • Maintain unanimous support from industry and government, including true bipartisan backing from both sides of Parliament.

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