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Farmer health and safety

Farmer health and safety

People are our most important on-farm asset and their health and wellbeing is crucial to the overall sustainability and profitability of our farms. Farmers recognise that providing a safe work environment for their staff is a key responsibility.

While just 2.7 per cent of Australians work in agriculture, 17 per cent of all worker fatalities are from this sector. Farm safety assessments assist farmers in further identifying potential hazards on their farm and recommend measures to minimise risks and ensure the health and safety of their staff.

The National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH) provides national leadership to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of farm men and women, farm workers, their families and communities across Australia. The Centre’s award-winning Sustainable Farming Families program delivers specialised rural health services, ranging from farm safety to helping farming families monitor and manage their physical and mental health.

The Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (AgHealth Australia) leads research in the incidence of injury and deaths on Australian farms, which aids in the development of programs of work that seek to actively reduce farm related injuries. AgHealth Australia has also produced the Managing Pressures of Farming resource, an online checklist to assist farmers in assessing their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

ADF was instrumental in lobbying the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments, alongside the National Farmers’ Federation and the Victorian Farmers’ Federation, to secure the funding of the NCFH and ensure the organisation’s continued role in supporting farming communities. Ongoing funding for both the NCFH and the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety will enable them to continue this vital work.

Policy priorities

  • Commit $1.2 million over four years towards a Farm Safety Assessment Program designed to provide farmers grants to fund a three-hour farm safety assessment by an independent safety consultant (at $300 per assessment).
  • Provide the National Centre for Farmer Health and the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety with ongoing funding, to allow them to continue their valuable work in raising on-farm awareness of the importance of health, safety, and general wellbeing.

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