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Markets, trade and value chain

Markets, trade and value chain

With the rapid expansion of the global market for dairy products come real growth opportunities for Australian dairy to boost its contribution to the nation’s trade and economy. To fully realise this potential, Australian dairy requires supportive government and industry policies to drive dairy’s productivity, profitability and innovation.

Our policies in the Markets, Trade and Value Chain focus area aim to address the following issues:

  • Ensure the long-term profitability of the dairy industry’s value chain by reducing unnecessary costs imposed on dairy product manufacturers.
  • Balance the extreme market power of the major retailers through establishing a Mandatory Code of Conduct and Supermarket Ombudsman.
  • Conclude further bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that provide genuine liberalisation of all dairy products.
  • Implement and protect existing free trade agreements to ensure the industry can reduce the gap with key competitors in the global market.
  • Address the issue of technical barriers to trade to fully realise the potential of improved access to growing dairy import markets.
  • Secure investment in pivotal road, rail, port and energy infrastructure projects to boost efficiency and productivity gains for the industry, and to benefit the rural and regional communities we support.
  • Clarify the inconsistency and confusion between health and nutrition policy initiatives and dietary guidelines, particularly in the health star rating scheme.

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