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Weather extremes including drought

Weather extremes including drought

Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) endorses preparedness as the primary means of managing natural disasters. However, support during, or in recovery, from an event is warranted in some circumstances where conditions have gone beyond reasonable business and farm management preparedness options.

Australia’s dairy regions sit in some of the most flood, drought and fire-prone areas in the world. The dairy industry works with a range of partners and emergency services to help farmers and manufacturers build resilience and preparedness for natural disasters.

Dairy farmers and governments have a mutual obligation in drought policy and management. Farmers need to demonstrate a commitment to sustainable farming through appropriate business and farm management; and governments need to provide appropriate policy platforms and certainty through funding commitments. A range of measures is required to provide for drought preparedness, management and recovery.

Policy priorities

  • Government to continue support for the Rural Financial Counsellors Service.
  • Improve policies and tools to support drought preparedness, including Farm Management Deposit schemes, farm business management training, accelerated depreciation and other tax measures.
  • Secure the National Centre for Farmer Health’s ongoing Federal and State funding to enable their continued work on farmer health and wellbeing.
  • Improve the accessibility of support officers to provide assistance with information and applications under the various Government drought package measures.

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