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Research, Development and Extension

  • Strengthen the agricultural research, development and extension (R,D&E) system by advocating for continued government commitment to the Research and Development Corporation (RDC) model, and ongoing Federal Government financial commitment and leadership for innovative solutions to adoption in collaboration with the dairy industry, state governments and the private sector.
  • Support Dairy Australia in R,D&E investment that addresses priority industry R,D&E needs and delivery for the benefit of farmers and the best possible return for levy investment.

Ensuring an innovative, competitive and productive industry requires continued investment in R,D&E. Commonwealth investment in R,D&E, along with dairy farmers’ and industry investment, has been crucial in encouraging Australian dairy to grow and adapt to changing practices and technologies.

The value of government and industry commitment to rural R,D&E is realised through the adoption of R,D&E. Support from the government through RDCs is needed to drive greater adoption and innovation. The changing role of state governments is a current challenge which will have longer term impacts on realising the value of R,D&E. The government can provide leadership in facilitating new collaborative extension models involving the Commonwealth, the dairy industry, state governments and the private sector.

Funding commitment is required for a range of extension delivery mechanisms – both existing and new approaches. Publicly funded extension in the dairy industry should be recognised for the economic gain it will provide and should form a significant part of the total public R,D&E investment.

ADF provides input to Dairy Australia’s strategic and annual plans for R,D&E investment decisions, as well as chairing the Dairy Moving Forward Steering Committee which oversees the dairy R,D&E strategy.


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