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Australian Dairy Farmers’ (ADF) constitution is comprised of six state dairy farmer organisation (SDFO) members, which represent their respective state dairy farmers and support ADF’s strategic objectives.

ADF provides policy and advocacy representation for Australian dairy farmers at a national level, whereby an issue is defined as one that impacts one or more states or is likely to set a national precedence. The SDFO members, or state members, deliver policy and advocacy representation to dairy farmers at a state level and contribute to national policy through ADF membership and active participation in their respective SDFOs.

In recognition of the State Member’s investment, ADF provides further support through the ADF Project Fund which invests in projects annually that complement ADF’s national policy, advocacy and member value. The ADF Project Fund is assessed against its criteria every 12 months by a formal review panel to ensure the projects align with ADF’s strategic goals.

The following six SDFOs work in collaboration with ADF to foster a strong and united voice for dairy farmers nationally.


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