Herd Improvement Strategy Finalised

Posted on Wednesday, September 03, 2014 - Category: In the News

herd-improvement The Herd Improvement Industry Strategy has been developed throughout 2014. ADF is represented on the Steering Group. In addition, the Farming Systems and Herd Improvement Policy Advisory Group (PAG) has had a significant role in reviewing and developing ADF feedback on drafts of the Strategy. ADF also requested input from state dairy farmer organisations and hosted a farmer workshop on the draft Strategy in July.

The final version of the Strategy was confirmed by the Steering Group on 29 August. It is now considered to have a clearer vision and stronger recommendations in key areas of interest to ADF. It provides an important reference document for implementing projects that will drive change.

The herd improvement industry vision is: "Dairy farmers maximise their profit through a vibrant herd improvement industry offering effective and highly valued services."

At a meeting on 11 August, the Steering Group discussed the implementation of the Strategy and a draft implementation plan was agreed in principle, with further detail to be developed. The Steering Group will next meet in late October.

The full Strategy is available from ADF or Dairy Australia.


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